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Trending Gym Hairstyles that You might want to try

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Note: These hairstyles are dedicated to more for women. For a hair style that works for men or women, look into growing a man bun.

Now you don’t really have to carry no care gym hairstyle attitude as there is some great 2 minute hairstyle which you might want to try. These hairstyles not only gives your face a perfect look .but also keeps your hair protected from not getting messed up. So try out some incredible do-it yourself hairstyles that are trending these days.

Bodmon Zaid hairstyle called Boxer braids:

This is one unique hair style which you can try for your Gym tomorrow. If you have sleek braids then this is a perfect match for your hair. It can stand out in any workout without causing any issue. It is simple and trending and can be the best go-to work out that you might have tried.

TwistMePretty’s Twisted Ponytail:

This is another great hairdo that you might want to try. It is extremely simple and gives a classic look to your ponytail. It is not only easy and cute, but extremely quick and won’t take much time of yours. Now you don’t even have to search for your Bobby pins as it can be tied up best without any clips as well. You would need a hair tie and a clip to hold the hair together. The hair should be parted on a single side and the other part should be further split into two sections.

Missy Sue’s French Milkmaid Braids

This is another great style of hair that you may want to try. It is extremely easy to do and of course not at all complicated as well. It can go well not only for your Gym but for other occasions as well. Try out this look if you bound to turn your head in the gym. In this hair style you would need a couple of hair ties and a brush or comb. The hair should be divided into two sections and then tied up.

Looped ponytail by Angela lanter- this hair style will help you get out of the boring hairstyle rut. No form of braiding is involved and the results are pretty quick. It is a no stress style and anyone can do it . You will need some elastics to incorporate this hairstyle.

The above hairstyles are extremely easy and don’t need much of hair clips and pins. You simply have to style it in the right way and flaunt it in your gym. No need to keep untangling your hair after coming from the gym, if you try out these amazing hairdos.

Now you don’t really have to worry about your look when you visit the gym. Just focuses on your weight management as the set hair style would do its job to keep you look really beautiful. These hairstyles are quite easy; don’t need any sort of maintenance and the good part is your hair doesn’t get spoilt while working out. You can work out without being stressed about moving your hair from the face.


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Jazz up the Plaits with some amazing hair Piercing

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With so many cool types of piercing coming up now the art has attacked our hair as well. Yes, the hair piercing experiment turned out to be a great success and of course a great obsession as well. This hair accessory looks incredible and is quite easy to do as well. It helps the hair to stay intact and gives a new look to your personality as well. This hair styling statement suits well on the curly hair and if you are looking forward to get inspired then check out some good fashionistas who have put their picture of different hair Braids’

New Style Of Jewelry for hair Piercing:

If you are planning to pierce it then you can try out solver hoops, and even the gold coils that looks amazing especially if you have bold hair. There are some trending spiky studs as well which can give a more creative look. To look rocking, you use the plait of fluffily fishtail and add some piercing which would eventually give a classic style. The trend of hair piercing is one of the new forms that has come up in the market.

Reason of Popularity:

Certainly over the past few times it is noted that such type of piercing has gained popularity especially on the social media as it gives a fancy touch. Such hair piecing looks more similar to hair gems but it is not stick on the top of the hair but is actually fastened. It keeps the hair in place and tact and ensures that the style does not get spoilt in any way.

Try out this jazzy style today or visit the parlors and get an idea on how it is done first. There is no hard and fast rule of doing such hairstyle but if you are looking forward to get this pattern done in some incredible way then social media is the best platform. Some fashionistas have explained every part of it nicely and certainly, you can do it on your own. Refresh up your fashion look and give your plaits a new life with this pattern of hairdo which can be flaunt in any occasion and would definitely be loved by all people.

New styles of hair piercing in the market

Piercings are having a blast- but not in the way that you can imagine. For all of you feeling that hair piercing has become a bore, here are some things to take notice. Yes, we are talking of pierced braids that are a fashion statement. In the hair game it is one of the coolest mannerisms to step your hair. Quite a few rings can be added to it or if you feel some are enough then pep it up. Chic little charms can also be added to give it a new look.

So to conclude hair piercing trends have captured the market by storm, and you can be a part of it by availing any of the above styles.

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Try These Party Liquid Metal Eye Shadows for your beautiful Eyes

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Are you planning for the party, but the typical yet boring eye shadows are spoiling your mood? Then you need to refresh up your makeup kit with something new. These days all over the internet liquid metal eye shadows are quite trending. If you have noticed, there are so many Hollywood celebs that actually had used it during the red carpet and some special big events. These eye shadows give a great enhancement to your beautiful eyes and is definitely a must try for this season.

Introduced by Pat McGrath after her success of Gold 001 pigments, now she has come up with another metallic range ,which also includes the power and cream care range. Talking of which, along with gold and silver, the metallic eye shadows are quite in demand. Since she wanted something sporty both these metals suited the bill on all counts. In her words she stated at a launch party “ One does not have to be the best makeup artist in the world to undertake a metallic look on the inner corners of their eyes, you can just smear some cream on the lids or lash your eye lines.

These shadows are incorporated with a heavy metal, and colors with higher levels of pigmentation are provided. As there is the concept of innovation with maximum amount of pigmentation your eyes will shine and stand apart from the rest. It will reflect your mood , style as well. The best place to find them are the online stores where the options are unlimited.

Know more about the Liquid Metal Eye shadows

The powder based eye shadows are good to apply, but after cleaning the face in one effect, it loses its shine. But in case of the all new liquid metal eye shadow, it last long, it is easy to apply and you can wear it anywhere, be it in the office or for some casual party. You don’t really have to visit any big parlor to get this application done when you can do it on your own. Simply put ,it across the line of your last and get the smearing effect. It is modern and gives a sporty look and is best suited for any complexion.

Features That you might want to Know:

The liquid eye shadow gets dried off quickly soon after it is applied. You don’t really have to worry about it getting spread across the eyes. Such super stylish eye shadows give a great saturated finishing and if you want to check its enhancing effect, then you need to apply the cream first and then use the blend of powder hue directly on the top. It gives altogether a different shine and stunning results as well

So what are you waiting for? Grab this party such trending ye shadows and gives your eyes altogether a new look which you would certainly look superb on you and give you the most amazing shape.

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Now make your own Sunscreen At home and save extra Money

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Yes, you have heard it right! Now you don’t really have to visit the shop and buy the expensive sunscreen lotion that can promise you the quick and lasting results. You can now simply make the sunscreen on your own and try it today. It is extremely safe and can be used without worrying about any kind of allergies or rashes. The lotion is made with the perfect blends of ingredients that eliminate the problem of tanning from the root and keep the skin glowing even in the harsh sun rays. Besides, the ingredients also keep the skin hydrated and well moisturized.

Ingredients That you may need:

To make the sunscreen lotion, you will need ¼ cup beeswax, ¼ cup coconut oil as it has SPF 4, shear butter of ¼ cup and Zinc Oxide of 2 Tablespoons. You will find all these ingredients in the health shop, but make sure that they are not expired.

The Right Way Of making It:

There is no hard and fast rule of making such type of lotion. You simply have to mix up all the ingredients in a given measurement nicely and heat it up for a while. Let the mixture cool off for some time and then put it in a glass jar and start applying it on the areas that you think are affected.

This application is extremely easy and works really nicely. In case, you are not sure if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then you may try out at a little patch first and see the difference. Ingredients like zinc oxide are known to make the skin fair and beeswax makes the skin sweat proof.

Save more money and go natural this summer with the trending sunscreen lotion that you can make at home. Simply see to it that things mentioned above are all available to you. If not ,then visit the grocery store and keep things ready as it is hardly few minutes of work to make such lotion.

So what are you waiting for?

Try out the above mentioned trick today and see how it actually works on your body. It is certainly one inexpensive natural skin care protection which would definitely bring the hidden youth of yours.


In the overall context, the sunscreen lotion is easy to make and you can expect guaranteed results. The best part of it is that it is easy to apply. It is better than you do an experiment and apply it to yourself and find out whether it has the right SPF for you. Say if you have a very fair skin then you might have to up the quantity of zinc oxide a lot.

To conclude ,when you use any natural sunscreen lotion you are embracing nature and you can be rest assured of the fact that you are using natural products and no form of side effects can be associated with it.

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Some Innovative hairdos that you must try out this week

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For the best styling to your hair, you need to always experiment with your looks. Be it the enhancer that you use or the curl that you do to your hair, it gives life to the hair every time you try something new. These days, just like fashion industry is booming; don’t be surprised to see how people are paying keen attention when it comes of making the hair style. Hair is one such part that can change your look completely within few minutes. If you love to experiment with your hair and want to try out something different this time then take a look at some must do innovative hairdos that you will definitely love.

Try Out Bella Hadids Hairstyle:

In recent article, the eye catching picture of Bella Hadid was certainly worth to check out. The actress had kept her half hair down and rests were up which certainly looked quite amazing. She had done dtry shampoo due to which it could be shaped up so well.

Go berry Shade:

If you have seen the fine actress Priyanka Chopra doing great in Hollywood, well she still is leading in the way she has maintained her hair. For the dark lipstick and some cool effect for the looks, go with the Berry shade for your hair this season.

Keep Hair All gelled up:

For this hairstyle, you don’t really have to put any efforts. It can be done in three simple steps that is simply too slick the hair with gel and keep it straight then firm hold it and apply the hair spray and you are all set to get a hot look.

Usually the celebrities have tried out with new patterns; you can also do it easily at home. Pinned up solution is the best thing to do to beat the summer heat. Each day of the week try out something new and create a new fashion trend which would definitely be appreciated by many people. For better enhancing effects to your hair, you must keep looking for the ways by which you can give volume to it and keep it shiny and bouncy so that it will not be that difficult for you to give it new style.

Refresh up your look this season and keep surprising yourself each week with some new hairstyles that are trending this season.

The general feedback among the visitors is that they feel poor in the middle of the week. To be on an even keel your hair and beauty should be together.

It is how about you feel and all the above mentioned hair styles takes less than 5 minutes to complete. It means you can have more time for yourself and find some amount of peace. Whatever is the stature of your hair, medium , short or long all the above hairdos can be implemented. On the web platform visual presentations enable you to incorporate the desired style of your choice.

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Try Out the Cutest Light makeup that would define a New Look for You

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You might be wondering if there are some new look based make ups that you can try out. If that is your dilemma, then you are certainly at the right page. Stowaway is known for some incredible face products which it releases every year. And this time, you will find the most reliable, valuable yet the amazing light weight makeup for your face that looks cute and is extremely easy to apply and lasts longer. The co-owner of this Cosmetics department Julie Fredrickson in one of her interviews introduced such makeup by stating that such product is incredible to lineup in the hands.’

This brings us to the mind of June last year, when the company blew everyone with their eye shadow palette. It was so small that it could easily fit in your wallet. As already mentioned the face products are only two inches in stature which can find its way within your budget. Allure was the lucky person to obtain information about this. Fredrickson is of the view point that the correct products will not only be within your budget, but one can use it till the last drop. He also explains that their entire product make up can easily fit in your hands. Yes, it is true as being magnetized all the four individual products can be stocked together in a single case. It is a true value for money on all counts.

Two Shades That You Might want to try:

Talking about the light makeup there are two shades that you must try out. Starting with the first one is the Matte Bronzers which eventually also comes in two shades that makes the skin tone flat. This shade is used either in single manner or you can also apply it with the help of fingertips. The other that you may want to try out is the Cream Illuminator which is a great highlighter and is best to be used while going for the party. It can complement any skin tone and also oxidizes as per the type of skin you have.

Highlighters Are worth to try out as well:

Moving on to highlighters there is a Translucent Powder which is actually a white powder which you can use simply without any need of brush. This powder definitely gives a super-hot effect and no doubt that you can easily dab it on certain spots especially when you get sweaty especially around the nose areas.
The best part about this makeup is they are available at a great price of less than $16. In case, you are planning to buy any of it you can check out some online store or also look around the stores near your home as well. The products from such well-known brands are well packaged after testing and have been also tested on the bathrooms and marble floors. So what are you waiting for? Check out the incredible collection today.

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Instagram is all fill with the trending Ribbon eyeliner

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These days’ social media have become the best platform to sell and tell people about the new styles that are trending these days. Talking of which, recently, Instagram was all flooded with some great women putting their pictures of the eye makeup. The eye makeup was certainly quite catchy because of the new pattern of the eyeliner which is Ribbon eyeliner. This eyeliner was made with two or more shades while some women preferred to keep it in the simple yet single shade.

After doing the flick as part of your morning routine for the last few years, all of us have mastered the art of a winged liner. So where does on go, do we become an eyeliner master or push the eyeliner to a corner? Let us consider the present and that is a ribbon eyeliner. The trend is so new, that no one has even thought about the name. Just when all of us though that we would look great in an eyeliner, the arrival of ribbon eyeliner has cast a doubt on our minds. The look that it gives is pretty standard with a long and extended flick at the end. For more idea about this eyeliner, you can go through the various videos that are available on the web platform. Trust me there are plenty of them.

The cat flick Is Out and The Ribbon eye liner is in:

Yes, if you are still trying to make yourself perfect with the cat flick it’s a bad news that the trend is already out and the social networking site is all packed with the trending style of ribbon eyeliner. The women have uploaded their videos of applying the ribbon eyeliner and needless to say they are doing it all fine and perfect. Sadly, we are still running to give our eye Smokey effect but as compared to previous eye liners that have come up in the trend, this fashion is something new and looks really nice.

Application of Three Colors Look incredible:

In few videos, you will see that some women have applied three different colors. As compared to the simple effect, the application of three colors looks amazing and if you are planning to go with this option, then try out this incredible trend this party and surprise everyone with your new look. Certainly it matches any skin tone provided you have the art to design it in the right manner and have the skills to apply the right blend of color.

Now you don’t really have to put any difficult master skills to make your eyeliner look incredible as the art of such liner can be now done with the best style of brushes that are now being sold in the market purposely to set this style only. So what are you waiting for? Grab all the colors today and make the most out of buying some of the trending ones and apply it on your eye and look smudging hot.

Credit To this site for a lot of info.

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The dark Lipstick makeup is Again Back in Action

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dark lipstick

Over the past two seasons of the fashion industry, if you have noticed there are so many changes that have taken place. Some were incredibly new while some were introduced with little changes in the older style. Talking of which the definitive makeup trend is highly followed by many celebrities and people. Right from the models at the runways till the department stores, you will now notice the change in the lipstick trend. Yes, dark lipsticks are back in stock and this time with some gloss effects, matt effect and shiny effect which would make you go Wow.

Shades You May want to try:

On the runways in recent fashion show, there were many models who flaunted their look with some incredible dark shade for different brands. Colors like purple, brown, black and plum were looking amazing in the dark shades. If these colors fascinate you then you can definitely find them on online sites like eBay and Amazons. There are hundreds of top most brands selling it at great price and have some cool offers as well.

McGrath Collection of Dark Shades:

Recently McGrath collection starting with Lush 004 products gained quite a lot demand and popularity when it was released on the runway show. There were two blood shades in the darker version with the gold pigment stroke that was applied on the models and it was looking marvelous. When asked her about the shade she told that to highlight the appearance of the lipstick, she had put small amount of crescendo glitter due to which it got the sparking effects. Looking the cool way to enhance the lips, there is no doubt that such dark shades will rule the fashion industry in the coming few years.

So what are you waiting for? Visit your favorite store today and checkout some new collection of dark lipstick shades that might have come. You probably should also check out some online sites and try out the shades that suit you. Refresh up your look with some great changes in your makeup pattern and inculcate dark lipstick this time.
Why dark lipstick is the latest fashion trend?’

When you wear a dark lipstick it can be a lot intimidating, but at the same time it can empower you as well. If you are ready to dive into the world of bruised berries, a few options are illustrated to fine tune your looks. The basic point is that you need to be comfortable with dark lipsticks and on a personal level my favorite is the purple as it is pretty near to being black.

If you are more keen to have vampy looks then be rest assured of the fact that there is a high maintenance cost involved. The basic point is that you will be on a deceptive level till you try a lipstick and understand on how good does it look on you. But all these are nothing as the tips provided will be of no use.

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Go natural This summer to Get rid of Unwanted Skin tanning

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You might have heard so many companies coming up with some incredible products promising to help you get rid of tanning. Unfortunately, these products are not only packed with chemical substances, but are quite high in price as compared to the results it offers. It is high time for you to say goodbye to these products, as natural cleansers are on its way to help you get your glowing skin and flaunt it among your loved ones.

Best natural Options That you can Opt:

Summer is fun to have lots of activities like swimming and even enjoying a walk with your dog in the evening. But it can also be equally frustrating if you are not taking good care of your skin while leaving the house. The sun rays are becoming harmful day by day and it is your duty to take a good care of it. That is why, follow some natural measures that are timely , money saving and gives faster results that of course would last long without causing any kind of allergies or health issues.

Rub Potato on the Skin: Potato has got some rich agents that help to get rid of tanning instantly. Rubbing the potato make the shade of the skin lighter and gives it a glowing effect.

Papaya is the Best Solution: this is another great option that many people are using these days.
When we say go natural, it eventually means entirely using natural products and papaya is one of them. It has the necessary vitamins and minerals that your skin needs, especially when it is exposed to the sun

Drink Turmeric Milk: This solution is quite old and traditional and there is no doubt that it is one of the best things that you can have. It flushes out toxins from the body and starts rejuvenating your skin so that it gets back to the original color.

Coconut water along with a sandalwood pack– Sandalwood is a natural cleansing powder as it rejuvenates the skin by removing all the dark cells. When you mix coconut water and a teaspoon of almond oil with sandalwood, it acts as a natural cleaning product. Keep it on the skin for 20 minutes and then wash it off

Saffron- the main utility of saffron is that it eradicates tan, fights acne, pimples and in the process brighten your skin. With milk cream, you soak in a few strands of saffron and leave it overnight. It should blend together and then it needs to be applied on your face. Then you need to wait for 20 minutes and wash it off.

In case, you are quite confused if any of these things are really safe for you, then you can seek the opinion of a dermatologist opinion Ideally, these are all natural products and do not cause any kind if one effect to your body unless you are allergic to it.

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Give your nails a new Life with the New golden nail art

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Are you bored of applying the same old plain yet simple color of nail paint on your nails? If you want to try out something new, then you must take a look at few trending nail art styles. These are trending and it’s like a little creativity can make your nail look a lot amazing. Such type of nail art is not only incredible, but will also offer the best styling that can go with any attire be it party wear, casual wear or a formal look. It is not only simple but looks elegant once you apply it.

Know more about the Golden Nail Art:

Inspired by glimmering gold closures, this high shine design is incredible and is the best style that you can apply to highlight your lovely clothes that you are planning to wear this evening. You have to preppy the nails well with the base coat and once it gets dry , you need to apply the two coats of the Golden color of the Dior Polish number 818.
Applying the Nail art:

While applying the little gold in the center of the nail, make sure you start it from the middle and end it at the tip. You have to make sure that the intensity of the glittering of the golden patterns, stays same in all the nails. Once the second coat is also finished, let it get dried and see how the final touch up actually looks.

So what are you waiting for? Remove your old boring ,dull looking nails paints with the remover and try this incredible pattern of nail art which would definitely make you go WOW. You simply have to make the right use of the color combination which of course is black and gold. In similar pattern, you can also try another color combination which would bring elegance and give a perfect styling to your fine nails. Grab your nail paints and indulge in some creativity to make your nails look fabulous in all season.

A little tip, when you try to apply the base of the nail paint ,make sure you apply it twice so that the upper base don’t get messed up and it can highlight the bottom one neatly.
Benefits of nail arts

As already stressed upon, the main objective of nail article is too ornate designs on your blank nails. It is popular all over the world and in the modern day it goes a long way it is a fashion statement of sorts. The first major benefit of it is the durability aspect as you have an option of applying it on your own nails or false nails. The durability and the long lasting nails are the acrylic ones.

Secondly a nail art can compliment your looks in any social or formal occasion. Depending upon your levels of creativity as well as imagination you can provide a personal touch to the concept of nail arts.

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