Give your nails a new Life with the New golden nail art

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Are you bored of applying the same old plain yet simple color of nail paint on your nails? If you want to try out something new, then you must take a look at few trending nail art styles. These are trending and it’s like a little creativity can make your nail look a lot amazing. Such type of nail art is not only incredible, but will also offer the best styling that can go with any attire be it party wear, casual wear or a formal look. It is not only simple but looks elegant once you apply it.

Know more about the Golden Nail Art:

Inspired by glimmering gold closures, this high shine design is incredible and is the best style that you can apply to highlight your lovely clothes that you are planning to wear this evening. You have to preppy the nails well with the base coat and once it gets dry , you need to apply the two coats of the Golden color of the Dior Polish number 818.
Applying the Nail art:

While applying the little gold in the center of the nail, make sure you start it from the middle and end it at the tip. You have to make sure that the intensity of the glittering of the golden patterns, stays same in all the nails. Once the second coat is also finished, let it get dried and see how the final touch up actually looks.

So what are you waiting for? Remove your old boring ,dull looking nails paints with the remover and try this incredible pattern of nail art which would definitely make you go WOW. You simply have to make the right use of the color combination which of course is black and gold. In similar pattern, you can also try another color combination which would bring elegance and give a perfect styling to your fine nails. Grab your nail paints and indulge in some creativity to make your nails look fabulous in all season.

A little tip, when you try to apply the base of the nail paint ,make sure you apply it twice so that the upper base don’t get messed up and it can highlight the bottom one neatly.
Benefits of nail arts

As already stressed upon, the main objective of nail article is too ornate designs on your blank nails. It is popular all over the world and in the modern day it goes a long way it is a fashion statement of sorts. The first major benefit of it is the durability aspect as you have an option of applying it on your own nails or false nails. The durability and the long lasting nails are the acrylic ones.

Secondly a nail art can compliment your looks in any social or formal occasion. Depending upon your levels of creativity as well as imagination you can provide a personal touch to the concept of nail arts.

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