Instagram is all fill with the trending Ribbon eyeliner

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These days’ social media have become the best platform to sell and tell people about the new styles that are trending these days. Talking of which, recently, Instagram was all flooded with some great women putting their pictures of the eye makeup. The eye makeup was certainly quite catchy because of the new pattern of the eyeliner which is Ribbon eyeliner. This eyeliner was made with two or more shades while some women preferred to keep it in the simple yet single shade.

After doing the flick as part of your morning routine for the last few years, all of us have mastered the art of a winged liner. So where does on go, do we become an eyeliner master or push the eyeliner to a corner? Let us consider the present and that is a ribbon eyeliner. The trend is so new, that no one has even thought about the name. Just when all of us though that we would look great in an eyeliner, the arrival of ribbon eyeliner has cast a doubt on our minds. The look that it gives is pretty standard with a long and extended flick at the end. For more idea about this eyeliner, you can go through the various videos that are available on the web platform. Trust me there are plenty of them.

The cat flick Is Out and The Ribbon eye liner is in:

Yes, if you are still trying to make yourself perfect with the cat flick it’s a bad news that the trend is already out and the social networking site is all packed with the trending style of ribbon eyeliner. The women have uploaded their videos of applying the ribbon eyeliner and needless to say they are doing it all fine and perfect. Sadly, we are still running to give our eye Smokey effect but as compared to previous eye liners that have come up in the trend, this fashion is something new and looks really nice.

Application of Three Colors Look incredible:

In few videos, you will see that some women have applied three different colors. As compared to the simple effect, the application of three colors looks amazing and if you are planning to go with this option, then try out this incredible trend this party and surprise everyone with your new look. Certainly it matches any skin tone provided you have the art to design it in the right manner and have the skills to apply the right blend of color.

Now you don’t really have to put any difficult master skills to make your eyeliner look incredible as the art of such liner can be now done with the best style of brushes that are now being sold in the market purposely to set this style only. So what are you waiting for? Grab all the colors today and make the most out of buying some of the trending ones and apply it on your eye and look smudging hot.

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