Try Out the Cutest Light makeup that would define a New Look for You

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You might be wondering if there are some new look based make ups that you can try out. If that is your dilemma, then you are certainly at the right page. Stowaway is known for some incredible face products which it releases every year. And this time, you will find the most reliable, valuable yet the amazing light weight makeup for your face that looks cute and is extremely easy to apply and lasts longer. The co-owner of this Cosmetics department Julie Fredrickson in one of her interviews introduced such makeup by stating that such product is incredible to lineup in the hands.’

This brings us to the mind of June last year, when the company blew everyone with their eye shadow palette. It was so small that it could easily fit in your wallet. As already mentioned the face products are only two inches in stature which can find its way within your budget. Allure was the lucky person to obtain information about this. Fredrickson is of the view point that the correct products will not only be within your budget, but one can use it till the last drop. He also explains that their entire product make up can easily fit in your hands. Yes, it is true as being magnetized all the four individual products can be stocked together in a single case. It is a true value for money on all counts.

Two Shades That You Might want to try:

Talking about the light makeup there are two shades that you must try out. Starting with the first one is the Matte Bronzers which eventually also comes in two shades that makes the skin tone flat. This shade is used either in single manner or you can also apply it with the help of fingertips. The other that you may want to try out is the Cream Illuminator which is a great highlighter and is best to be used while going for the party. It can complement any skin tone and also oxidizes as per the type of skin you have.

Highlighters Are worth to try out as well:

Moving on to highlighters there is a Translucent Powder which is actually a white powder which you can use simply without any need of brush. This powder definitely gives a super-hot effect and no doubt that you can easily dab it on certain spots especially when you get sweaty especially around the nose areas.
The best part about this makeup is they are available at a great price of less than $16. In case, you are planning to buy any of it you can check out some online store or also look around the stores near your home as well. The products from such well-known brands are well packaged after testing and have been also tested on the bathrooms and marble floors. So what are you waiting for? Check out the incredible collection today.

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